ClaRa+ is a comprehensive and powerful tool for dynamic simulation of power plants

Reliability and efficiency are essential to a competitive energy industry. Electricity production from renewable energies such as wind and sun is continuously increasing. The combination of their fluctuating generation and priority feed-in is resulting in new operating modes for conventional power plants. Dynamic system simulation can be used in all project phases, from early design up to optimization during operation, to solve problems arising from this changing energy market in a cost-efficient manner.

Your Benefits

  • Efficiently evaluate concept variants
    The modular model structure enables fast, efficient concept and parameter studies.
  • Save time and money during commissioning
    Use your ClaRa+ digital twin for early adaptation and optimization of control systems.
  • Use ClaRa+ in all project phases
    Tailor-made model detailing enables preliminary studies, component design and precise controller parameterization.
  • Increase the efficiency of your power plant site
    ClaRa+ enables you to analyze interactions between different power units, even in isolated networks.
  • Create a virtual image of control technology quickly and efficiently
    ClaRa+ contains state-of-the-art control system blocks that are closely based on hardware implementations.
  • Create your own models according to your requirements
    ClaRa+ is easy to enhance.
  • Design components taking into account extreme dynamic operating conditions
    Die ClaRa+ models incorporate the dynamics of power plant components.
  • Increase the safety and reliability of your processes
    Analyze failures and special operating conditions without risk.


Learn more about the possibilities of ClaRa+:

Create a digital twin of your power plant, investigate transient behavior and gain greater understanding to optimize your processes for use in the future energy market. Use ClaRa+ to support all project phases - from evaluation of concept variants to component design, optimization of control technology, virtual commissioning and optimization during operation.

ClaRa+ is a library of power plant components programmed in the Modelica model description language. It enables users to dynamically simulate power plants and answer current questions concerning power plant operation. Dymola software is used for translation and simulation and as the main development environment.

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Simulation studies

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Training & Support

XRG Simulation GmbH and TLK-Thermo GmbH offer training and support packages that enable you to start modeling power plant processes with ClaRa/ClaRa+.

Training description


ClaRa+ and demo version ClaRa, available under Modelica license version 2.0, are used by more than 50 users worldwide. Learn more about some selected success stories below:


Download ClaRa now!

The free demo version ClaRa gives a good overview of the possibilities of power plant simulation and enables conceptional studies. The commercial version ClaRa+ offers extra content, is more user-friendly and supports the component design due to precise detail models. For translation, simulation and as a main development environment, we recommend commercial software Dymola.

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